An Oral History Of Acid and Bullshit From Acid-Tongue’s Desk


How to spot an acid junkie and save them before they hurt other species:

1. Identify

– if you see someone running in circles for 2 hours, the person could be under the influence of acid. However you must first wait for 2 hours to established the next cause of action.

2. Secure The Area

– clear the surrounding area from any vehicles, houses, dogs, cats, birds, ponds, human civilisation, sharp objects (optional), and anything else that you may find to be hazardous.

– if the acid junkie is spotted in a place with heavy traffic, divert all traffic to use alternative route even if it means they will be delayed by 2-3 hours. This is important in order not to disturb the junkie’s concentration on running in circles.

– if you find it hard to accomplish the above, please steal road signs, or hire a part-time actor to play dead for at least 7-8 hours. You should also consider buying some fake blood just to create a valid crime or accident scene.

– Once the above is established, please proceed to the next task.

3. Airway

– there’s truly no need to check the airway of a running acid junkie

4. Breathing

– clear that the casualty is breathing

5. Compress

– your desire from laughing or joining the acid junkie but here’s sometimes to kill time

– play Jimi Hendrix’s purple haze on a boom box

– get a video camera

– grab some beers and pot

now make a home movie. This will take at least 7-8 hours minimum or at least 8-12 maximum depending on how many stamps has been consumed. Enjoy.


Even Rock Stars Gets Lonely Sometimes.

Yeap.. without a shadow of doubt, rock stars only human and sometimes all that fancy make ups and glamourous clothes and glossy magazine covers, there tends to be a deep suffering inside. Sheer moments of reality caught on camera and here are just some that really stands out. 

Remember Our Band? We So Wanted To Be Nirvana.

Acid Tongue Talks About The Love & Hate Relationship with 90s grunge era, the lost of Nirvana’s frontman, Kurt Cobain and Alice in Chain’s lead vocalist, Layne Staley, and how the 90s spirit has survived through the madness of Bieber’s and Minaj’s and the destruction of Miley Cyrus with Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornnel. 


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