Mitch Lucker – Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die.


In 2002, a bunch of noisy kids got together to form a side project that became known as Suicide Silence. At the time of its inception, the 6-piece scremeo from California saw Mitch Lucker and Tanner Womack assuming the vocal duties. However after Suicide Silence’s first show, Womack was fired leaving Lucker as the frontman of the band until his death in 2012.

It wasn’t until 2004 through the release of their second demo that Suicide Silence became a household name within the deathcore circle hence establishing the band as a firm favourites on Metal’s floor. Noting the reception that was pouring in, Suicide Silence started taking the band seriously no longer treating it as a side project. The band’s frontman Lucker became a permanent fixture in the scene and was keen to emphasise that Suicide Silence was trying to established their own brand despite of getting lumbered in with typical metal or deathcore bands.


Lucker who cited influences from bands he grew up listening to such as Korn, Slipknot and Deftones was a bundle of energy on the stage proving himself at every turn of the event and winning a militant of fans worldwide. It was tough body of work the genre threw at them but Suicide Silence were never the ones who would shy away from such hindrance as they kept marching forward and releasing a hefty amount of songs and lyrics that drew in controversial insight towards their standing.

Suicide Silence has worked their asses off to arrive at a place where they could literally called themselves the stars and were not about to be thrown off by a small dent to their reputation. After all reputation in deathcore was trivial it was the scream and growl that set the image of a band and Suicide Silence had plenty of that. On stage Lucker demonstrated himself accordingly, playing the part of the vocalist he was, which at times appeared to be angry, ferocious, cohesive but also sublime. To this man, it was his obligation towards the fans that brought out the outward rebellion in him because outside of the media’s magnifying lens, he was a dotting father and a loving husband.

In October 2012, just about 1 week after turning 28, Lucker met an accident that claimed his life on November 1st. Two hours before the fatal crash Lucker tweeted his picture, which could have been his inspiration for halloween night. Looking as elegant as ever despite carrying the crude and insensitive persona of the band, he was clad in a suit with face masked with skeletal drawing. A caption read: The Dead Are Living.



The former member of Suicide Silence was reported to have lost control of his bike and crashed into a lamp poll throwing him off before it continued sliding and hitting a car. Lucker was treated by paramedics before he was transferred to the medical centre where he died the following day at 6:17 in the morning. His wife later came forward and declared that Lucker was highly intoxicated at the time he left home and despite her trying to stop him from leaving, he still left. Lucker leaves behind his wife, Jolie Lucker whom he married in 2010 and his 5 year old daughter Kenadee who was especially close to him.

In the wake of this tragedy, Suicide Silence members has raised the Kenadee Lucker Education Funds and has continued to promote donation to secure the late frontman’s only daughter’s future education.

1 November 2013 will mark as the first anniversary for the late Mitch Lucker who was a dotting father, a loving husband and a force that drove Suicide Silence to the pinnacle of their success and we remember him the way he was, a sweet and gentle soul among the soaring riffs and brutal music. RIP Mitch Lucker, for the great times in music, for the exceptional masterpieces and for the authentic disposition that brought light to many hearts for the past 10 years.

Donations to Kenadee Lucker can be made to:

Remembering Mitch Lucker
1984 – 2012

Lucker performing

Lucker performing

Mitch Lucker Performing

Mitch Lucker Performing

Mitch Lucker - Crowd Pleaser

Mitch Lucker – Crowd Pleaser

Mitch Lucker

Mitch Lucker

Mitch Lucker

Mitch Lucker



SUICIDE_SILENCE_mitch_lucker_rip_iphone 5_ios 6_640x1136







Kenadee with Lucker

Kenadee Lucker in her father’s arms onstage

















Mitch Lucker’s daughter


Mitch Lucker's Tattoos

Mitch Lucker’s Tattoos

Mitch Lucker's Tattoos

Mitch Lucker’s Tattoos

Mitch Lucker







Mitch Lucker – A bundle of ferocity and energy on stage

If she stares at the door, daddy won’t come home
If she decides to be silent, daddy still won’t come home
And if she prays hard to God to bring daddy home,
the echoes lingers and the silence roams
She misses her dad, she loves him so much
If only love was ever enough
Daddy would still be here among us
Watching her grow without a fuss
Daddy loved her and he did care
for all the wonderful things he wanted to share
But the time was near and his youth short-lived
Daddy left one night on his speeding riffs
Somewhere in between lied his tragedy
His final breath and a calling
The bike he loved so much
Took away everything
Rest in Peace dear daddy
To the little angel-face, beautiful Kenadee
Through this life of pain and tragedy
Stay strong for the love and his memory

Mitch Lucker’s daughter turns 6 this year and she was only 5 when her dad died in a horrible crash leaving her and her mom behind. He was only 28 with so much to live for especially for the baby that he has loved so dearly. He would be missing her birthdays, Chritmas, her graduation and so much more and if he had predicted his death or seen it coming, he wouldn’t have taken his bike out that night and confront death heads on. There is a small child who might still be missing her dad until today and wondering what happened every now and then. They were close to each other and spent many moment of excitements together as pictured above and one that is so touching is the way he held her on stage. His twitter message was purely coincidental since it was Halloween night and he was dressed as a skeleton in suit, which does not indicate he saw anything coming or purposely crashed his bike. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers if you wish too, but do not leave ill insights of your holy predictions for it doesn’t only insults him but also his family.

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