We are a bunch of fascist, rebellious, the type your mom warned you about, nihilist, punk-tard, and semi-independence journalists who lie in the broad day-light due to minimum freedom (because that’s how we get our monthly wages) of expression and safe the world from total destruction at night from Bieberism.

We are eternally bored and always looking for some fun to be infused in our lives from vandalising our office toilets, hating on stereotypical and prejudice human beings, and picking fights with total strangers for no good reason.

We do shit loads of editorial works, designs, copyright infringements, stalking twitter accounts of famous people, chasing deadlines, work until we puke, smoke pot in the lavatories and day dream of how many models did Mick Jagger truly married.

But that’s not why we are here, we are here to educate you, haunt you and serve you with the truth and nothing but the truth. We might talk about acid and stuff but we ‘don’t’ swear we are clean.

We have no contact details but you can always leave yours if your interested. We are here to talk about music, how to waste the entire day downloading Eddie Vedder’s images from the net, learning Nirvana’s guitar tab, drooling over Dave Grohl and anything that guarantees us no future.

We urge you and your friends and the whole human civilisation if you can and if you dare, stay away from Dope. Aint nothin’ gonna save you from yourself but you. Thanks for visiting.


If you need to save your friends from acid, do swing by and visit our resident critic here: An Oral History Of Acid and Bullshit From Acid-Tongue’s Desk.

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