Pearl Jam – 2 Decades of Opus Part II


11. Immortality (Vitalogy, 1994)

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Another metaphoric delivery from the quintet would be Immortality. True to its meaning, Immortality stands as a proof to Pearl Jam’s sight and sounds making them the band who was always destined for big things.

12. Corduroy (Vitalogy, 1994) 

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Above anything else, Pearl Jam transcends through their precision, intensity and ferocity and Corduroy is one of the many standing testimony to the fact.  It has all the concept and principles of Pearl Jam and would remind you of their early days when they use to take the stage for live shows –  those were the days man, those were the days! How you wished you were there to catch Eddie Vedder doing his iconic stage dive, we beg to be transported to the early 90s!

13. Ocean (Ten, 1991) 

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Still very much stuck at PJ’s sophomore efforts, Ten would always be one of the best albums from the Seattle-based punk-rock band of the early 90s. You won’t believe that Ocean was some of their earliest work as Pearl Jam because of the strength that each song demonstrates, they appeared to have been doing this for a very long time. Here’s the valour of PJ, through the times when they first won over a militant of army.

14. Indifference (VS, 1993)

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Indifference conveys a message of sheer confidence and pure honesty. There’s not a moment where you can capture their flaw for here is the exceptional truth, PJ is flawlessly flawed and no matter how goofy they tried to be while they were young and carefree, they went on inducting some of rock’s most delicate and beautiful tunes to date. Almost everything in this song is pure goosebumps!

15. Rearview Mirror (VS, 1993) 

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Rearview Mirror would show you that there’s far more at play than just the simple contract. It’s beneath the surface much of the enchantment lies and to speed things up, here’s a sonic soundscape production that would guarantee you bouncing in no time at all.

16. The Fixer (Backspacers, 2009) 

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The Fixer is a quick fix with staying power. Fun, fast and energetic with melodic roots.

17. Nothing As It Seems (Binaural, 2000)

For Lyrics : Nothing As It Seems, Pearl Jam Lyrics.

The sweeping melodies and the crushing tune laced with soft whispering vocals in the beginning of the song only goes to show what PJ can do and how much they can drive that energy to a soaring conclusion. Another personal best.

18. Present Tense (No Code, 1996) 

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It’s a bitter sweet tale of great forces who delivers everything with such passion that the music wraps around your head and stays inside your mind hollering for an encore every passing minute.

19.  Given To Fly (Yield, 1998)

For Lyrics:  Given To Fly, Pearl Jam Lyrics.

Genuinely ear-snagging, raw, angry, raging, melodic, beautiful and brilliant.

20. I Am Mine (Riot Act, 2002)

For Lyrics:  I Am Mine, Pearl Jam Lyrics.

Eddie’s golden baritone stands at its highest and most sublime moment in this song. There’s the same execution but there’s a little more shift in the trembling and breaks between the chords that many singers would find it hard to execute with such perfection but then who are we kidding, this is Eddie Vedder and even when we don’t expect him to be the messiah, we can’t help to worship the man to some extend. Perhaps its just due to the fact that in recent century, you will never find an effort as majestic as this.

Bonus: Mine Your Manners (Lightning Bolt, 2013)

For Lyrics:  Mind Your Manners, Pearl Jam’s Lyrics.

Ever had the feeling of wanting to return to the 90s or just back to the days when Seattle was brooding with its effortless talents out of the domestic punk circa? Well, here it is, Mind Your Manners will take you there to a time when music was honest and pure. The song takes on the fundamental base of punk and Eddie’s soaring grandeur in the execution just reminds us back to the days when music was high on the agenda, hearts were young and concerts were thrown day in day out. This is it, after a short hiatus, Pearl Jam returns just to show you that after over 2 decades of historical touchstones, they are still very much the young guns at heart.

Others Must Check Out:

If we could, we would have placed all the songs in one long list that would have taken us days to finish since we are listening in between. Each song has a story to tell, weather its about love, life, lost or just the experience of living through the world of music, it touches the core of your soul and that’s why Pearl Jam is probably the most authentic band of recent century. We are preaching the truth and practising it just the same. Here are some of the tracks that came in high in votes that we thought should not miss the list.

So here goes another 30!

1. Once (Ten, 1991)
2. Animal (VS, 1993)
3. Spin The Black Circle (Vitalogy, 1994)
4. Smile (No Code, 1996)
5. Brain Of J (Yield, 1998)
6. Parting Ways (Binaural, 2000)
7. Sad (Lost Dogs, 2002)
8. Come Back (Pearl Jam, 2008)
9. Just Breath (Backspacer, 2009)
10. Sirens (Lightning Thunderbolt, 2013)
11. Why Go (Ten, 1991)
12. Glorified G (Vs, 1993)
13. Not For You (Vitalogy, 1994)
14.  Do The Evolution (Yield, 1996)
15. Fatal (Lost Dogs, 2003)
16. Worldwide Suicide (Pearl Jam, 2008)
17. Go (Vs, 1993)
18.  Breath (Lightning Bolt, 2013)
19. Porch (Ten, 1991)
20. Dissident (Vs, 1993)
21. The End (Backspacer, 2009)
22.  Release (Ten, 1991)
23.  W.M.A (Vs, 1993)
24. Unthought Known (Backspacer, 2009)
25. Come Back (Pearl Jam, 2008)
26.  In Hiding (Yield, 1998)
27.  Rats (Vs, 1993)
28.  Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (Vs, 1993)
29.  Man of The Hour (Lightning Bolt, 2013 – Big Fish Soundtrack)
30.  State Of Love And Trust (Live On Ten Legs Album)


Grunge Personified: The Many Faces Of Eddie Vedder


For the generation-X, the 90s was an ultimate musical era, priceless experience, great music and good vibes all around. Seattle became a veritable conveyor belt to some of world’s finest musical exports such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and more. The cultural influences help shaped the early grunge era into the international platform simultaneously making it one of the most celebrated genres of recent history. While the world was craving for a musical conversion, Seattle underground music scene was already budding with a new music dimension while witnessing the birth of the modern day rock stars and the imposing resurgence of the grunge culture. Names like Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and more were already building a fortress of tunes ready to take over the world at the first light of the day. While Nirvana became the first all-imposing grunge band to rise to fame, they succeeded in pushing the claustrophobic envelope further and opened up the doors for their fellow contemporaries to push the marks of grunge culture further into the lustrous rock spectrum. One of the most memorable band of the early 90s circa that came from the Seattle underground scene was Pearl Jam and no doubt is still one of the biggest name in the rock dominion


Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Green River together with Malfunkshun’s vocalist, Andrew Wood or most commonly known as Andy Wood were the founding members of the early Seattle punk-rock band, Mother Love Bone in 1987. They quickly established themselves as firm favourites of the Seattle underground scene and became an attractive package to further push the subterranean sounds to the mainstream arena. However the band only managed to release one album, Apple and was disbanded following Andy Wood‘s death from heroin overdose in 1990 at the age of 23. Apple is sometimes regarded as the early influences of the punk-rock initial emergence in the Seattle underground and Andy Wood as the forefather of the grunge movement.

Andy Wood – Landrew The Seattle’s Sweetheart.



Gossard and Ament were devastated by Wood’s death and parted ways but got back together after Mike McCready persuaded Gossard to do so. The three boys eventually got together and were looking to complete the band as soon as they found a drummer and vocalist. They made a demo tape and passed it to Jack Irons, the founding member of Red Hot Chili Pepper hoping that Irons would be interested to join them as the drummer. Iron who left Red Hot Chili Pepper following the death of band member, Hillel Slovak from a heroin overdose in 1988 passed on the offer but handed the demo tape over to his basketball buddy, a Californian-based musician and vocalist from the band Bad Radio, Eddie Vedder. Vedder recorded his vocals on three songs Alive, Once and Footsteps on the demo tape and sent it back. Gossard, Ament and McCready were impressed with Vedder‘s vocals and flew him down to Seattle for an audition that became the start of Vedder‘s successful career as one of rock n roll’s golden child. The band initially took the name Mookie Blaylock but settled on Pearl Jam.

While waiting for the band to be completed, Chris Cornell of  Soundgarden  invited the trio to become a part of Temple Of The Dog that was form as a tribute to Andy Wood who was Cornell’s room mate. The boys started to practise songs written by Cornell as well as some existing materials written by Gossard and Ament. The band was completed once Matt Cameron joined as the drummer. Temple Of The Dog released a self-title effort in 1991 with Eddie Vedder singing a duet with Chriss Cornell on Hunger Strike and providing backing vocals for some other songs.


Following the release of Temple Of The Dog’s album, all members  went back to their  respective bands and Pearl Jam entered the studio to start recording their own materials. Pearl Jam first came to its lush debut in 1991 following the success of their first studio album, Ten. Some of Ten singles became the early testaments of Pearl Jam‘s capability as a rock band and further propelled its creators to the mainstream success. The group became one of the most highly regarded bands of the 90s simultaneously securing them as one of the most ferocious and top contenders of the punk-rock dominion.

However, the band’s initial debut was heavily latched with controversies, which first started with being criticised by British media NME as the band who was stealing money from their fans while highly acclaimed rivals and fellow contemporary band member Kurt Cobain from Nirvana claimed that Pearl Jam was sell outs and Ten wasn’t an alternative band for having too many guitar leads. The dispute between the two Seattle based grunge bands was just a drop in the bucket as the dispute faded as the band’s notoriety became more established. Pearl Jam embarked on an extensive tour in support of Ten, which further integrated the band’s success mostly due to the band’s infectious energy and onstage persona during live performances.

With no attention in settling the core, the band once again provoked publicity following their 1992 MTV award wins for the track Jeremy that secured Pearl Jam as the winners of Video Of The Year and Best Group Video. Pearl Jam refused to make a video for the track ‘Black’ despite the heavy pressure from the record label. Following ‘Jeremy‘s’ success, the band opted for fewer interviews and television appearances, which was one of the major contributing factors in band’s success at that time. It was a ballsy move to let your record to do all the talking but with the band’s extensive craftsmanship and deliverance, it could be classified as a heroic move.

The band’s outstanding success, fame and popularity placed them in a discomforting position with the pressure falling intensely on the band’s front man, Eddie Vedder. The band’s frontman was often compared to his former contemporaries such as Jim Morrison and Pete Townshend who carried the band’s vigour through his theatrical impact and fascinating persona. In 1994, the band started a waging war with Ticketmasters after finding out that the ticket vendor has overcharged Pearl Jam‘s concert goers by indicting a service charge to the ticket prices. Pearl Jam aimed to keep the ticket prices low for their fans and was unhappy towards Ticketmasters and eventually started a denunciation act towards the ticket vendor. The vendor however refused to changed its policy to waive the service change that resulted in concert cancellation by Pearl Jam and further refusal to play at any venue that had a partnership with Ticketmaster.

For a band whose initial emergence in the music network was often regarded as rip-offs, Pearl Jam was willing to bend over backwards so their fans were not being ripped off by some irresponsible vendors. For a band that was so fond in doing extensive tours and live shows, the band went up to the level of cancelling concerts in protest to the injustice it sighted against its followers.

In 1993, Pearl Jam released its second studio album, Vs. and set the record for most copies of an album sold in its first week of release ultimately surpassing all other entrees on Billboard’s Top 10 list that week combined. Vs managed to hold the forth for 5 years until it was exceeded in 1998.

It has been a long and endless fight for Pearl Jam and for a band that has hit every stumbling block over the last 2 decades, it’s extremely impressive to witness the history of Pearl Jam as the masters of ceremony still reigns heigh on the map. The band’s front man Eddie Vedder has remained as one of the reasons why we continued believing in music and became our vessel to the past, where great times were build, music was angry but undeniably beautiful and the sincerity in musicians made everything far more enjoyable. Even through endless streak of tragedies that has overcast the rock n roll books, Eddie has outlived all the stigmata and together with Pearl Jam has been our very own source of survival.

We take a trip back to the magnificent era of post-punk, where Pearl Jam first took the stance in the popular punk medium and became one of the seminal bands of the 90s circa. Through Eddie Vedder‘s golden baritone, ferocious energy and venomous flair, Pearl Jam’s status sky-rocketed into the mainstream arena and won them a militant of fans worldwide.

Emotional Powerhouse And The Vocal God; Eddie Vedder

With Chris Cornell of Soundgarden for Temple Of The Dog

With Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder throughout the 90s


Eddie On Stage Swagger

We Would Totally Do That Too!!